Solitaire17 – Mobile Game

Game View with "Odd Fellows - Brass Monkey" Deck Selected

After one month of development and another one of beta testing, I can finally reveal the latest project I am working on: Solitaire17 !

Back in November 2022, I received a message from Lorenzo Gaggiotti founder and owner of “Stockholm17” in Sweden. He was curious if I wanted to develop a Solitaire game for mobile devices, featuring his decks and, for who doesn’t know, Lorenzo is quite well known in that specific industry, his quality and attention to detail are incredible and every new deck he creates becomes an event that bounces around the world.

Lorenzo and I have known each other for a long long time, certainly over 25 years, we both come from the same town, the same street art background, we have a lot of friends in common and we’re both “Italians abroad”, me in the UK, Lorenzo in Sweden.

Game View with "Odd Fellows - CPT Spindel Webber" Deck Selected showcasing the UV Light Effect

Having worked with many “big brands”, mainly using Augmented Reality, Lorenzo wasn’t sure I was going to accept it but…he was wrong. I jumped on it almost immediately. I loved the idea of doing something different and certainly I loved the idea of playing with his decks.

After a few weeks of drafting various ideas, we came up with the UX/UI, gameplay and most importantly, the final look.

Original Brief design from Lorenzo Gaggiotti

We both wanted to do something different than other Solitaire games, which look all the same, full of ads and with dubious privacy tactics.

The final decision was to develop a classic solitaire game in 3D, something quite rare on mobile devices (if not unique).

Starting from Lorenzo’s original designs, I’ve personally modelled, textured, animated, coded, rendered and published the whole app and…I loved every single minute working on it.

Using all my tools like: Unity3D, Cinema4D, Substance Painter, Nomad and of course the amazing Adobe CSS suite, I have managed to translate Lorenzo’s concept into something tangible and honestly, I Am really proud of the final outcome.

Now the app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Just one week and it looks like everyone is really enjoying it!

On the Left: Original design by Lorenzo Gaggiotti. On the Right: 3D Module created by Alessandro Mondaini
Finished Collection Menu with all the decks

Well, that all folks! Now…onto the next one!

I can’t go into details but it will be a quite complex and cool thing!

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